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Salt Soaks: A Year Round Must Have

Let's get salty...

Who doesn’t love sinking back into a relaxing warm bath to release the stresses of day to day life?! To me it’s one of life’s simplest self care pleasures. Adding bath salts to your bath brings about even more benefits to your bath time. Here, I share salt soaks amazing benefits, how to store them and a few ways to enjoy them.


Taking a salt bath can help keep our bodies clean while also easing muscle aches, calming the mind, and eliminating pathogens all in one sitting.  Minerals like magnesium and potassium found in Epsom salt and sea salt can be drawn into the bloodstream during a warm bath to eliminate toxins and balance the entire body. Plus, the salt mixture helps purge impurities from the skin, leaving you with a healthful glow and skin feeling supple and soft.

  • Boost Immunity: when regularly indulging in sea salt baths, we expose ourselves to highly absorptive minerals that can boost our resistance to illness and disease.
  • Promotes better sleep: taking a warm salt bath is perfect for helping us relax when we’re anxious or tense. The temperature changes your body goes through when switching from a warm bath to cooler air can actually help improve sleep. Our Lavender Lemon salt soak promotes better rest with its blend of lavender essential oils and lavender buds blended right in.
  • Soothes muscles: a warm bath can ease pain by taking the weight off joints and muscles. It can also help your body to heal faster after an injury or surgery. When used with warm water, a magnesium-rich salt helps relieve muscle spasms and menstrual cramps.
  • Soothes irritated skin: using salt soaks have been long known to calm and soothe irritated from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Soaking actively helps to treat and reduce inflammation as well as help to relieve dryness and itchiness. Adding milk or colloidal oats found in our Milk Bath to your bath will add a boost in soothing itchy, irritated skin.  


It is recommended to take at least a 15-20 minute soak with salts to rep its wonderful benefits. The minerals found in a Epsom salt bath help to detox and draw out impurities and toxins in the skin.

Alternatively if you're not a bath person, try using salt soaks in the shower! Did you know you can still rep the benefits of salt soaks while showering by simply sprinkling salts on the floor of the shower away from the direct spray of the shower water. The aroma of the essential oils will rise with the steam and diffuse throughout your shower, allowing you to inhale and benefit from the essential oils.


As a lover of vintage treasures, this Spring I have decided to share a limited collection of curated vintage vessels paired with your choice of mineral salt soaks. I have searched high and low for some beautiful vintage pieces ranging in color, glass type and style that I think will make the most amazing statement piece or gift!

One of my favorite ways to use a vintage find is to incorporate them into my every day life. It's adding a little something with a story to your home that can spark a conversation or give your home a cozy, luxe feeling. Whether it’s crystal, milk glass or wooden, vintage pieces have a way of blending with any decor style.

Try adding a lidded vessel to you bathroom counter or side table next to your bath tub. The lid will keep your salts fresh and dry until use while providing a touch of beauty to your room!

Are you bath or shower person? Share in the comments below.

Find our full line of soaking salts here.

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